We are excited to launch our new product: a slim, half-moon nail file for manicures. This file is designed for working on artificial nails, removing products, and preparing natural nails. It has two sides with different grits: 100 grit for shaping artificial gel nails or removing excess gel, and 180 grit for shaping natural nails.

  • This nail file is made with a flexible wooden core instead of PVC, making it almost 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • It is easy to use and designed to avoid too much contact with the cuticle and skin.
  • The wooden core makes the file stable but keeps it slim.
  • Its surface is durable and does not split, break, or shed easily.

In the nail industry, using items only once can be hard because we work with many clients every day. Nail files are hard to clean completely, even with special solutions. They can collect dust that carries bacteria and fungi. Using the same nail file for different clients can be a health risk. Thus, nail technicians are encouraged to use one file per one customer and this file is a great choice that is good for your nail business and better for the environment.

HALF MOON ECO NAIL FILE 100/180 (9 pack) - €6.50


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