Base Builder - Velour

Now more than ever, the European market is filled with professional nail products claiming to be made in Europe. However, their product labeling alone does not adhere to EU Cosmetic Regulations, so expecting due diligence to be carried out when it comes to the quality of what is inside the bottle is not an option.

At Gellifique, our products are made in the UK, adhering to strict EU cosmetic regulations and additional internal quality control practices. So, although our product lines may not expand as quickly as some other brands you may see on Instagram, you can rest assured that our UV/LED gel products guarantee quality for your salon and clients.

Base Builder - Taffeta

Shop confidently for our newly restocked Apex Build line of base builder gel, which strengthens your natural nails and can be easily and gently soaked off with acetone or infilled. Combine Apex Build with Acrylic Gel or other Hard Builder gel products in our line to strengthen long nails and create nail extensions.

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