Pro Care Hard Gel in shades Powder Rose and Natural Nude are back in stock and are now available in a larger size.

Our Pro Care Builder Gel is a low to medium viscosity, non-soak-off builder gel. It's perfect for use in a non-refining sculpting technique, thanks to its self smoothing properties. Meanwhile its texture is well suited for experienced nail technicians, beginner and in warmer climates. Made in UK.

Available in 4 Colours:

Our collection features 4 ultra-elegant shades that enhance your nails with a natural look, avoiding any appearance of artificial coating.

  • Natural Nude: This beige nude shade provides a subtle yet sophisticated look.
  • Darling: A milky coffee nude for a warm and cozy vibe.
  • Nude Pink: Offering an ultra-natural nude with a delicate hint of pink.
  • Powder Rose: A soft mauve tinted hue that exudes elegance.
  • Cool Clear: Crystal clear hard gel ideal for repairs and creating clean designs.

Pro Care Builder Gel Checklist:

  • Low to medium viscosity makes it suitable for both experienced nail technicians and beginners.
  • Ideal for natural nail overlays, especially in square shapes, due to its strong structure.
  • Can be used for extensions of any length, repairs, and strengthening.
  • Not suitable for pinching.
  • Low acid product with a gentle pH for natural nails.
  • Cure time: 90 sec.

Powder Rose

Natural Nude


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